SOS 001 Welcome To The Online Seller Podcast

My name is Justin and I just wanted to take the time to first thank everyone who has came across my podcast and is interested in learning more together. My intentions are to give back and provide no fluff episodes that will go over topics like Amazon FBA and how to build your own brand to make serious money. We will also be focusing on how to create and source products from manufactures as I personally go through the process myself with you and learn to scale our business with marketing strategies and tips.

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In this episode, you learn

  • Who I am
  • Why I am making this podcast
  • What to look forward to learning from this podcast
  • My goals in

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  1. david

    Hi Justin I’m new to this an I’m very interested. In leaning more but I really don’t have much money to start this so I’m holding to can help me I’m sick of working 40 hours a week at my dead end job an would like to further myself for me an my kids

    • David, thanks for the comment! I’d love to be able to help you out. When I was limited by my start up investment I ended up using the drop shipping route which was very helpful for me. It can take a little groundwork but once you have the products up on Amazon you will be surprised and start seeing sales. Originally I used to never run Amazon PPC when I started because I just had so many products I imported. I as well got the permission to label them as my own brand since they shipped in blank boxes. That alone connected all those products together and enabled me to sell the others.

      So most companies that you can resell from will offer a spreadsheet of their products which they update resellers with to let them know what their inventory levels are. If you take that data using amazons import spreadsheet for the category your working in and import it using your own barcodes you can setup your own listings pretty quickly. Just make sure you understand Amazon’s system and can pull products when they go out of stock because this could effect your Amazon account ratings if you get a high cancelation rate. Just some things to keep in mind and some tips. I hope this helps a little. -Justin

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