SOS 004 Will’s $6 million Amazon FBA Story, Tips Picking Epic Products & The Canton Fair

Will Tjernlund and I discuss how he built his Amazon FBA business into a $6,000,000 company in under 4 years and how he got started. We also get into discussing a lot of great ideas for picking epic private label items to sell on Amazon while talking about our experiences. Then later on the show we ask Will about the Canton Fair in China where you can go each year to meet different manufactures to produce your products and brainstorm new ideas. Do not miss this episode.

Links mentioned on this episode:

Google Trends – A tool to look and track trends of keyword searches overtime on Google and see trends.
Amazon FBA – Our favorite place to sell our private label products of course.
Alibaba Marketplace – Marketplace to source products from manufactures.
Canton Fair – Chinese Import and Export Fair.

Discussed on this episode:

– How will got started with Amazon FBA.
– How successful he was picking his first product.
– The first product he picked to sell on Amazon to get going.
– Chat about Amazon FBA product niches
– How his family got him into the Amazon business importing from china while he was growing up.
– Experiences with finding past successful FBA products.
– What he looks for when picking products to sell on Amazon FBA.
– How Will got going selling his first product.

Problems often faced when beginning to sell Private Label Products on Amazon FBA

– Products sell too fast
– Cant get products into stock quick enough

Things Will looks for when picking Amazon Private Label Products to Import

– Picking items with little or no electronics.
– Doing deeper research in the Amazon category your going to sell in.
– Its better to sell 1000 items once a day then 1 items 1000 times a day.

Continuing on..

– How long it took Will to get his business making six million dollars.
– Experiences importing a container of products to sell on Amazon.
– What to watch for to prevent yourself from selling out before you can re-stock more products.

Biggest Mistakes Seen When Beginning You Amazon FBA Business

– Not moving forward and worrying about hurdles.
– Not taking action and getting started.
– Putting too much value on Amazon Best Seller Ratings.
– Not doing Google Trend or keyword research

Tips Looking for finding Epic Products To Sell Private Label on Amazon

– Look for products that are not being fulfilled by Amazon.
– Make sure these products have reviews and some proof of sales.

Continuing on..

– How Will found his niches and why he diversifies the products he sells.
– How many listings he has on Amazon in his inventory.
– Selling combo private label products on Amazon.

Will’s Experience at The Canton Fair and Why You Should Go To

– Went in 2014 during the fall
– Was there for 3 weeks
– How the Canton Fair has different phases when its on.
– Finding great PL products for sale and brainstorming at the fair.
– How easy it was to get around when going to the Canton Fair.
– Transportation to the Canton fair back and forth by subway to get around quicker.
– How he could get around in China easily with out speaking any Chinese.
– How easily it is to navigate in China to get to the Canton Fair.
– Making a living proof reading billboards in China because of bad grammar.

Wills outlook for the future of his Amazon FBA PL business

– Increasing his business to the 20 million dollar mark.
– Focusing more on maximizing profit vs growing revenue.
– How long he see’s it taking him to get to his next business goal.
– How he calculates the growth of his Amazon FBA business.

“IF you have the warehouse space and money to buy inventory..”

– Just order and don’t be scared.
– liquidating products and risk assessment if you need to get rid of products that are not converting.
– What type of profit margins to look for when importing private label products for Amazon.
– Why not to be as aggressive on selling products for high prices to discourage competition.
– Securing your Amazon FBA investment by selling higher priced items.

Worrying about patenting and trademarking on Amazon

– Will says don’t worry about trademarking your Amazon products and why.
– How he comes up with brand names to list your products under on Amazon.
– Examples of ways to select a good brand name for products.
– Why trademarking and copywriting creates a virtual hurdle for people.
– Worse case scenarios if you get a cease and desist.
– Getting product sale confirmations before waiting too long to move forward.

Continuing on..

– Putting logos and UPC codes on packages for Amazon.
– Why not to ship from your manufacture directly to Amazon FBA.
– Why not to be too specific with where your going to sell your products when setting up relations with manufactures.
– Tips for processing your products when ordering and importing containers of products from China.
– How to protect your Amazon FBA business by being less transparent with manufactures.
– Why he does not customize too many of his private label products.
– Why I am moving towards private label from drop shipping.
– How Will manages his FBA inventory to order with in his manufactures lead time.
– Setting replenishing alerts to make sure your reminded to re order more products on Amazon.
– Ordering multiple types of products in containers to see what sells then adjusting orders in the future.
– Advice on ordering sample products from new manufactures and testing product quality.
– Using shipping forwarding services for Amazon FBA product sourcing.
– Benefits of using Port Forwarding Agencies vs working with standard ways.
– How many people he has working for him at his warehouse.
– How many hours a week Will works on his business to manage it.
– Working as hard as you want to work while your young.
– What Will’s morning routine is like every day.
– Last advice to those out there making their private label business.

Keep Moving forward! Every single day take one step and keep moving forward, you will eventually have a business.

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