SOS 002 How I Made My First $10,000 Month Selling On Amazon

Today in Episode 2 I talk about how I made my first $10,000 month selling on Amazon.

In this episode, you learn: “How I made my first $10,000 month selling on Amazon”

  • 1. Researched products by searching for companies for sale and what others where selling.
  • 2. Created Lists compiling companies that offered drop shipping
  • 3. Setup b2b relations with wholesale companies
  • 4. Tracking for product trends when selecting your products for drop shipping companies
  • 5. Hiring a data entry team to put your products on amazon
  • 6. Managing products and customer service + entering tracking numbers
  • 7. Challenges faced while drop shipping
  • 8. Pros and Cons of Dropshipping & Wholesale vs Amazon FBA
  • 9. Considerations when drop shipping
  • 10. Revisiting my Amazon business to set a new record.

Links mentioned:

Flippa – – Website Marketplace
Ebay – – For Looking At People’s Reviews
Camel – – Tracking Price Changes On Amazon
Google Trends – – Check Search Trends Over Time
Odesk – – Freelance Network Site For Hiring
Elance – – Another Freelance Network Site For Hiring

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  1. JD Polder

    Hey Justin:

    Having spent many years in SEO, I appreciate your analytical approach to amazon sales. Further, thanks for taking the time to record the podcasts. Question, the 10k month selling on amazon, is that gross or net? Either way its a good month, but just curious as to the type of return one can potentially make.

    • JD thanks for leaving a comment man! I have a huge background in SEO too and it helps with a lot of the research for sure. The 10k was net with about a 30% profit margin on average. Just with drop shipping there are battles having to do customer service stuff like returns and putting in orders and tracking numbers. As where Amazon FBA does a lot of those things for you. So that is why I am moving more and more into that direction. – Justin

  2. Very enlightening. You sound great, I wouldn’t have known you just started broadcasting with these podcasts. I have been reading and learning about FBA for 6 to 8 months and was getting ready to send my first shipment of product today when Kraig called me last night and told me about your success and website. I can wait to learn more of your wisdom and successes. Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes.

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